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Use system variables in your messages & URL parameters...

MAC address of the button.
Nick name given by you to the button.
Set action on button (email / tweet / sms, etc.).
Current set time zone of the button.
Name of the wifi router to which button was connected while sending the trigger.
Current battery voltage as reported by the button.
Current battery voltage percentage as reported by the button.
Duration of button press in seconds as reported by the button, typically it would be always 1 for basic 1btn setup.
Current time in epoch (in button's timezone).
Current date in "d-m-Y" format (in button's timezone).
current time in "h:m:s AM/PM" format (in button's timezone).
Current timestamp in "d-m-Y h:m:s AM/PM timezone" format (in button's timezone).
This will be your user name as it appears in your profile.
This will be your email ID used for logging into this web-application.