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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any setup document to refer to?

The user manual can be downloaded here. Developer API can be accessed here.
How long will the battery last?

Our test results indicate that battery lasts about 300 presses. So if you use / press the 1btn daily thrice, then the battery would last about 3 months or more. When the battery voltage reaches 3V (full charge is about 4.28V or 500mAh), the 1btn will not complete the action anymore. If you press it at this time, it will keep blinking red. However, as soon as the battery voltage starts going below 3.2V, you will get email alerts at every press / usage.
How do I configure 1btn? How to setup WiFi connection?

1. First of all make sure that the 1btn is switched on. Use the small switch on the back side of the button to turn it on. 2. When you turn 1btn ON, its main action starts. It will be searching for known WiFi hotspot or access point.

3. If no known WiFi hotspot is found, 1btn will enter into the AccessPoint mode.

4. While in AccessPoint mode, you can access its config page to provide your WiFi’s credentials.

5. Search for the access point 'my1btn' in your smart phone's / computer's WiFi list. If you are using v2.2 1btn, this access point would appear as "SetupGadget_xxxxxx", where last 6 characters would be from MAC ID of your 1btb. Connect to this access point using the password as '12345678"; no password would be needed for v2.2 buttons.

6. Open the browser and access the access point's configuration page, or http://1btn.space for v2.2 buttons. Now provide your WiFi credentials and press Login.

7. If your 1btn successfully connects to the given WiFi, it will restart and send its first ping. If for any reason it cannot connect to the WiFi, just come back to the same config page again and check if you provided the correct credentials.

8. If not already done, it’s time now to create an account on www.1btn.space. Congfigure your 1btn and assign the task that should be completed when you press your button.

9. When restarted successfully, 1btn will send an event to the 1btn servers and the configured action should take place - you will see GREEN blink in case of success.

10. If 1btn is not yet configured using a webservice or the event was unsuccessful, you will see RED blinking.

11. Thereafter 1btn will enter into deep-sleep mode and will be ready for button press to do the configured job.
How to set up multiple tasks on a single 1btn device ?

One of the interesting and powerful feature of 1btn is that you can configure it to do multiple tasks which are distinguished by different time windows of the day.

For instance, a single 1btn device (hardware) can be set to send a text message during 9 am to 11 am. Alternatively it can be setup to send an email from 12 noon till 6 pm. You can add as many tasks as you want.

To do this, you should add a new button and input details for the task. Obviously, the MAC ID for all the tasks assigned to same physical device must be identical.

NOTE - if you have configured a time window that overlaps with two or multiple tasks, the task that was defined first will get the priority and be executed accordingly.
How to change an existing / current configuration of 1btn ?

If you want to reset or erase existing credentials or want to provide new ones, start the 1btn while it is kept out of range of the WiFi it’s paired with. When restarted, 1btn will check for the WiFi defined previously. If it’s not found, the AccessPoint mode is entered automatically.
How can I use system variables in my 1btn's configuration ?

You can use system variables while defining 1btn action details. Wherever you want to insert this variable, use it with double-curly-brackets and it should work.

For example, if you want to include the MAC ID in a text message, your text message could look like - "Hello from {{btnID}}". Here btnID gets replaced with the actual MAC ID of the 1btn used. Remember to take precautions, esp. for URLs where special characters may cause some issue.

Check the complete list of system variables that could be used in 1btn action details.
How to add more text (SMS) credits ?

Send us an email or use the contact form from the menu and let us know how many text credits you need. We will respond with quote for the same.

Once the payment is complete, text credits will appear in your account within 24 hrs. Cost of 100 global text credits is $10 as of today.
What is an error email alert ?

If this is active, you will get an email alert on your registered email id (which is your login email too), whenever button action fails. This email may contain error details and could be useful for you to debug / adjust configuration settings correctly.
What is the rate limiting and how does it work with 1btn ?

In simplified terms - rate limit means a restriction to use something within a short span of time duration. This way, a service provider can control how many service instances are provided a in given span of time.

For 1btn, this is handled slightly differently. Here, your button is the service provider and you as a owner can set - how frequently someone is allowed to press this button. For example, say you have set the rate limit of 1btn to 30 seconds. Now when you press this button, it will execute assigned task; however, if you press it again within 30 seconds, it won't execute it. Instead, you will see LED blinking in magenta color, indicating rate limit is applied. After 30 seconds, if you press 1btn again, it will do its job normally. This is typically useful when you want to avoid excessive usage of 1btn or want to avoid inadvertent repeat presses.

Rate limits values are usually set in seconds or at the best we can allow in minutes.
How do I take care of my 1btn device ?

A rechargeable 500mAh lithium polymer battery is part of 1btn. With a typical full charge the button can be pressed about 300 times. You can recharge the battery using a mobile phone charger (or laptop USB port) or a micro-USB cable. A power source of 500mA capacity can take about an hour to fully charge the battery.
The remaining battery charge (in percent) is also displayed on main console of 1btn webservice. You should prefer to recharge 1btn when it shows 25% or lower.

Once you power up 1btn, there is no need to turn it off. 1btn usually remains in deep-sleep mode and consumes only a negligible amount of current. However, if you plan not to use it for longer period of time, it is good idea to turn if off.

1btn is good to be used as a table top device which can be moved around when needed. However, if you choose to fix it at one place, double sided tape could be an option. Remember to make an arrangement in such a way that you can take 1btn out when it's due for re-charging.
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